Bobby Jindal: I Stand With Rick Perry

Dear Friends,

The facts are clear. Governors have the right to exercise veto authority, and my friend Rick Perry exercised his constitutional authority and stood up for responsible government when he vetoed funding for a Texas agency run by someone who pled guilty to DWI and served 45 days in jail. One only needs to see a few highlights from the video of District Attorney Lehmberg’s arrest – during which she spits at law enforcement and is restrained to see why she wasn't fit for her job as head of the Public Integrity Unit!

The lawsuit against Gov. Perry is a blatant misuse of the judicial system by liberal activists, and the ensuing circus is simply a political witch-hunt. I urge you to share the below on Facebook and Twitter to help spread the truth.

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“The lawsuit against Gov. Perry is another political witch hunt by liberal activists.” - Bobby Jindal. Watch:

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“The lawsuit against @GovernorPerry a witch hunt by liberal activists.”-@BobbyJindal #istandwithrickperry Watch:

Bobby Jindal
Governor Louisiana

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