The Duel Continues

Yesterday, as midnight of June 30th approached, David White and Jonathon McClellan challenged one another to an online fundraising duel.

The results are in, and Jon is the clear winner. But, hold on, there is a twist to this story.

Jon raised $1875 from 11 donations online yesterday. David raised $1360 from 18 donations. In some ways, David's numbers (more individual contributors) are more impressive, but ultimately Jon gets the win.

Neither David nor Jon are content to let their fundraising duel end there. The stakes are now much, much higher:

This is going to be fun.

Create your own personal fundraising page at, and challenge yourself or your friends to your own goal. The June 30 reporting period deadline has come and gone, but the campaign is still raising money, and every 5 and 10 dollar contribution sends a statement that Governor Perry's principled, conservative leadership is what is right for Texas.

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