Governor Rick Perry Sending Highly Skilled Ranger Recon Teams To Protect Texas Border.

Protecting the Texas border has been an ongoing priority for Governor Perry throughout his tenure. The Governor's border security initiatives, such as Operation: Border Star, have yielded real, positive results where implemented; crime and violence are down by 65% in areas where the State of Texas has committed resources.

MyFox Houston reports on the latest Texas-led border security efforts, Ranger Recon teams:

HOUSTON - It may be a federal issue, but Texas Governor Rick Perry is taking it into his own hands.

On Thursday, Perry, along with the director of the Department of Public Safety, the senior captain of the Texas Rangers and a representative from the Texas Army National Guard announced a new joint mission aimed at bolstering security along the Texas/Mexico border.

Operation Ranger ReCon will send at least 200 highly-trained soldiers and airmen from the Guard to rural areas along the Rio Grande valley where they will join "strike teams," comprised of state police under the direction of the Texas Rangers.

Although the federal government appears committed to inaction, Texas continues to lead.

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