Governor Rick Perry: Texas Values. Proven Leadership.

Under the leadership of Governor Perry, Texas has positioned itself as the nation's example for economic development and securing the border. It's no wonder Governor Perry has earned the trust-- and the endorsements-- of so many individuals and organizations representing a so many thousands of Texans.

As Texas leads the nation out of this undeniably tough time, it is important to keep the positive momentum going in our state, which is why Governor Perry on Tuesday offered several new proposals to maintain Texas' status as the greatest state in the country, including:

• A constitutional amendment requiring a two-thirds vote of the legislature to increase state taxes;
• Making permanent the recent tax cut extended to 40,000 small businesses in the last legislative session (under current law, the $1 million business margins tax exemption will expire in 2011);
• Imposing criminal penalties on employers who knowingly violate employment laws by hiring workers who are in Texas illegally; and
•Paving the way for ongoing job growth by purging unnecessary laws and regulations that stifle Texas entrepreneurs.

Under Governor Perry, Texas is succeeding:

Governor Rick Perry.
Texas Values.
Proven Leadership.


More Actice Participantion

If the governor wants more active participation on this blog, I'd suggest that ya'll quit moderating comments. Allow them to appear instantly.

If that sounds like a prescription for mayhem, it is. But a little bit of mayhem is a lot of what the Internet is all about. Eliminate it, for fear of it reflecting badly on the campaign, and you're going to limit -- I'd say you're going to forego -- any meaningful interaction here.

The way to police trolls and drive-bys when they cross the line into obscenity, threats, and flame wars, is to post clear guidelines and then remove any-and-all posts that violate them -- leaving behind "Comment Removed for Guidelines Violation" message. That, and have a "Report This Comment" link so that sane posters who contribute to the site can help the webmaster catch problem posts. (Having a way to permanent block of chronically-problem posters would be helpful also; this is technically doable too.)

Freedom of speech is what America is all about. People who frequent blogs and forums are used to this style of "Web 2.0" interaction, and are perfectly capable of recognizing that posts originating from boneheads do not represent the opinions of the governor. In fact as they begin to actively participate in the discussions, they will respect the fact that Gov. Perry allows even boneheads to post on his site.

T'would be a different way of doing politics altogether, indeed.

Post Script

Should the governor himself participate in the kind of interaction that I proposed in my previous comment, now that would be represent a brand new kind of discussion in American politics. In that, it would be REAL.

Post Post Script

...and when it comes to Kay Baily Hutchinson being confronted with anything "real," she'll crater like a sinkhole in Lake Texcoco...


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