Join Governor Perry at 2 PM Today and Watch Him on Fox News

Today at 2 PM, I am announcing a major policy decision related to the Washington stimulus package. On, we will be streaming the event live from Houston. During the announcement, the site will feature a live blog where you can go and add your thoughts to the discussion. I hope you will participate.

The decision I am announcing today is the culmination of weeks of study and discussion. My policy staff and I have carefully combed through the bill, line by line, and I am confident that my decision is the right one for all Texans.

Please watch the live stream and participate in the live blog today at 2 PM. If you are in Houston, I am making the announcement at Bering's Hardware on Westheimer. Come on out - I'd love to see you.

P.S. Be sure to catch me live on Neil Cavuto's show on Fox News at 3:15 PM (Central Time).

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