Texas Conservatism: Common Sense for a Country in Need

Our 44th President is an amalgamation of FDR’s government expansionism and Jimmy Carter’s incompetent malaise. No one doubts Obama inherited a tough economy. He made it worse. No one disputes he inherited huge deficits. He doubled them. No one argues with the fact he took over in the midst of a difficult war. He has made our mission more aimless.

But while Obama burns through our money and weakens our presence in the world, he is engaged in a quieter but equally destructive war on the states and the Constitution.


An unprecedented assault on our freedom and our future. Obama has begun the process of nationalizing healthcare, imposing a mandate that every citizen purchase healthcare (upheld by the US Supreme Court as a tax) and attempting to force a massive expansion of state Medicaid rolls (thrown out by the court.)


Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott has filed no less than 12 lawsuits against Obama’s activist bureaucrats who would shut down industry, kill jobs and wreak economic havoc to pursue an alarmist global warming agenda while running roughshod on the 10th Amendment and Texas’ right to run its own clean air program.

Texas leads the way. We have created more jobs than any other state. Our tax burden is the 6th lowest in the nation. Our regulations are reasonable and predictable. We are on the leading edge of the shale energy revolution. We have cut taxes, controlled spending and let the private sector do what is does best: create jobs.

Job Stimulus

Washington: Pour money into bureaucratic rathole

Texas: Cut taxes, stop lawsuit abuse


Washington: Borrow from China, run up childrens’ Credit card

Texas: Cut state spending by $15 billion

Border Security

Washington: Amnesty

Texas: Enforcement

Health Care

Washington: Government-Run

Texas: Doctor-Run

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