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Law Enforcement Backs Rick Perry.

Today, the official PAC of the Texas Department of Public Safety Officers Association endorsed Governor Rick Perry for re-election. Taken together with the recent endorsement from the Texas Municipal Police Association, Governor Perry has earned the trust of organizations representing thousands of hardworking Texas law enforcement officials.

Rick Perry has made fighting crime and standing up for our Texas police officers and troopers a high priority throughout his tenure. Whether it is equipping our law enforcement officers with the technology they need to keep our communities safe, giving them the resources to investigate and apprehend those who would pollute our communities with drugs and gang violence, or funding programs to crack down on those who prey on children, Governor Perry has always put protecting Texans first.

The Governor's firm commitment to law enforcement is clear, and these endorsements demonstrate that Rick Perry is the leader who will continue to keep Texans safe.

To get more involved in helping the Perry campaign, please sign up at

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VIDEO: Endorsements flooding in for Gov. Rick Perry.

With the news today that the Texas Alliance for Life PAC is endorsing Governor Rick Perry in 2010, the strong Perry momentum in this race is becoming nearly impossible for even critics to deny. Texans for Rick Perry is humbled and honored to receive such a broad array of support from so many groups and individuals representing so many thousands of Texans.

We are all thrilled and energized by such overwhelming support from this diverse and growing group of conservative groups. As the video alluded to, stay tuned, because there are plenty of major endorsements yet to come. Help keep the Perry momentum rolling, donate today at

Also, be sure to follow the campaign's updates on Twitter, and get updates directly from Rick Perry's Twitter. You can also become a supporter of the Governor on Facebook.

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Texas Alliance for Life PAC Endorses Gov. Perry for Re-election

AUSTIN – Gov. Rick Perry today received the endorsement of the Texas Alliance for Life (TAL) PAC for re-election in 2010.

“We enthusiastically endorse Governor Perry in his bid for re-election,” said Texas Alliance for Life Executive Director Joe Pojman, Ph.D. “He is a loyal advocate for the protection of unborn babies and their mothers, and TAL is eager for him to continue his dedicated and effective leadership of our state.”

TAL is a statewide, nonprofit organization of people committed to protecting the fundamental right to life of all innocent human beings, and to promoting respect for their value and dignity from the moment of conception until natural death.

“TAL’s dedication to preserving the sanctity of life in Texas is a platform I'm proud to advocate, and I am honored to have their support in the upcoming election,” said Gov. Perry. “I look forward to helping their ongoing efforts to maintain and strengthen the pro-life values in our state which are a key component in keeping Texas on the path to prosperity and opportunity.”

TAL joins the Texas Municipal Police Association, Texas Chemical Council, Texas Society of Professional Engineers, RNC Committeewoman Cathie Adams, Texas Right to Life, Houston Realty Business Coalition, Texas Apartment Association, Texas Republican County Chairman Association President Linda Rogers, and Heidi Group Founder Carol Everett in their endorsement of Gov. Perry for re-election.

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Welcoming new jobs to Texas.

Thursday afternoon, Toyota announced that it was moving its Tacoma truck production facility to San Antonio, Texas, resulting in more than 1,100 new jobs for Texas. This move by Toyota follows major job announcements this year by Caterpillar, Medtronic, and Farouk Systems, which are all moving operations to Texas.

Governor Perry commented on Toyota's decision:

“Today’s announcement reflects the depth of the ties between Toyota and Texas while underscoring the strength of our state’s workforce and job climate. Even in the midst of a national economic downturn, major employers continue to bring jobs and investment in Texas.

“While we are sympathetic to the hardship of the NUMMI workers in California, we know that Texans will continue to benefit from policies we’ve pursued that have made our state so attractive to employers.

“Following on the heels of major jobs announcements from Caterpillar, Farouk Systems, Medtronic and other employers, the good news from Toyota affirms my unshakeable belief that Texas is the best place to do business.”

Major companies are moving to Texas, even in this tough economic environment, because Texas has kept spending in check, taxes low, regulations fair and predictable, and has prevented oversuing through lawsuit reform.

Help keep Texas on the right track. Re-elect Governor Perry.

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Tort Reform & The Man In The Arena.

This morning, Governor Perry's op-ed entitled "Tort reform must be part of health care reform" appeared in the Washington Examiner. In it, the Governor explains how Texas is benefiting from taking on the challenge of tort reform:

The number of doctors applying to practice medicine in Texas has skyrocketed by 57 percent. In 2008, the Texas Medical Board received 4,023 licensure applications and issued a record 3,621 new licenses.

In all, in just the first five years after reforms passed, 14,498 doctors either returned to practice in Texas or began practicing here for the first time.

And our reforms finally brought critical specialties to underserved areas. The number of obstetricians practicing in rural Texas is up by 27 percent, and 12 counties that previously had no obstetricians now have at least one. The statistics show major gains in fields like orthopedic surgery, pediatrics, neurosurgery and emergency medicine.

The Rio Grande Valley has seen an 18 percent growth in applications to practice medicine, adding about 200 doctors to this critically underserved area.

And what about the money that used to go to defending all those frivolous lawsuits? You can find it in budgets for upgraded equipment, expanded emergency rooms, patient safety programs and improved primary and charity care.

Principled, conservative leadership involves more than having an 'R' by your name, and successful policymaking is about more than incessantly sloganeering about results, not politics without any meaningful results to show for yourself. Leadership is about tackling difficult problems and standing up to entrenched special interests, even when it means you face a backlash for doing what is right. Being an effective Governor and advancing important reforms does not happen by treating the job as a popularity contest.

As Teddy Roosevelt famously said, "credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood..."

Achieving tort reform in Texas was not a walk in the park, and it wouldn't have happened without the dedication of many individuals and organizations-- including Governor Perry-- comprising a determined conservative movement, who put themselves in the arena and achieved real results. Tort reform in Texas is one of America's great policy success stories over the past decade, and it's hard to deny those kind of results.

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VIDEO: Home Schoolers Say "Thank You"

Last week, Governor Perry spoke to the Texas Home School Coalition's State Convention & Family Conference. The response was overwhelmingly positive and enthusiastic. Some of the home school families offered their thoughts to the Governor:

Be sure to follow @GovernorPerry on Twitter for updates from Rick Perry himself, and become a supporter on Governor Rick Perry's Facebook. You can also find campaign updates on Twitter by following @GovPerry2010.

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VIDEO: Governor Perry speaking to the Texas Home School Coalition convention.

Last night in The Woodlands, Governor Perry addressed the Texas Home School Coalition. Perry has always been a champion of the rights of home educators to teach their children. Tim Lambert, President of THSC, called Perry the "best friend that home schoolers have ever had in the Governor's mansion."

Watch a portion of the speech for yourself:

Part two of the speech can be found here.

You can also check out additional photos from the event on Governor Perry's Flickr photo feed. Check back on the campaign YouTube channel plenty of other great Governor Perry videos.

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LISTEN ONLINE: Governor Rick Perry with Joe Pags.

Last Friday, after signing two bills to assist veterans and their families with higher education, Governor Perry spoke at length with radio host Joe Pags in San Antonio.

In this first part, Pags and Governor Perry spoke about these two new Texas laws that provide our veterans with in-state tuition and other important educational opportunities. You can watch a couple of videos from the bill signing by clicking here. In addition, the two discussed the Texas philosophy on taxes and spending versus the philosophy of Washington, D.C. and states like New York that are currently raising taxes. They also discussed health care, transportation, and education. Listen for yourself:

Governor Perry with Joe Pags

Click the green "Read more" button below to listen to parts 2 and 3.

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Perry: Texas proves limited government works

In a Washington Times op-ed this morning, Governor Perry elaborates on the importance of limited government principles:

Washington's current fiscal excesses and unprecedented expansion have placed the protections and powers embodied in the 10th Amendment at risk. As the federal government expands before our very eyes, those of us who value freedom are simply sounding the alarm with every means available. We cannot remain silent while the powers-that-be in Washington methodically dismantle the system that has allowed Americans to determine their own destiny, compete on their own merits and enjoy the fruits of their labors.

I sincerely hope that our nation's durable principles prevail and keep our states and local communities from becoming mere functionaries of a bloated federal government. Together, citizens across the nation - regardless of political party - can remind this administration and Congress that the Framers of the Constitution deliberately limited the powers of the federal government.

When Washington's power to tax, regulate, mandate and meddle is restrained, American families are free to enjoy the liberty upon which our nation was founded. Limited government works.

Be sure to follow @GovernorPerry on Twitter, and become a supporter at Please click on the "GOVERNOR PERRY NEEDS YOUR SUPPORT" button above to set up your personal fundraising page for Rick Perry's 2010 campaign.

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Saying No To Federal Strings, Revisited.

Rick Perry's possible 2010 opponent went on the attack yet again today in the pages of the Austin American-Statesman, criticizing the Governor for rejecting $555 million dollars in strings-attached federal stimulus dollars. Back in March, Governor Perry said "thanks, but no thanks" to that portion of the Obama stimulus package if it meant changing Texas law and expanding the government's intrusion into private enterprise.

Michael Q. Sullivan, President of the watchdog group Texans for Fiscal Responsibility, explains that revisionist history from the Senator isn't scoring her any points:

The conservative movement and the responsible business community (large and small businesses alike) were uniformly opposed to taking those burdensome dollars. Not only would it have required massive tax increases in the future, it would have done so with requirements that the state forever alter our unemployment insurance laws. (The feds now claim they were joking about that "forever" part, but the federal law still clearly states that the rules must be permanent.)

Both the Texas Association of Business and the National Federation of Independent Business loudly urged lawmakers to reject the use of stimulus funds. As did nearly every member of the Texas Conservative Coalition, the conservative caucus of the Texas Legislature. A mid-session report by the group pointed out that “federal matching funds drive increases in state spending, exposing taxpayers to increased tax liability from both federal and state governments.”
It would have been irresponsible to take those federal UI dollars. Frankly, it represents a lack of leadership to have voted against in the Senate what she now demands Texas to have accepted. And it is always poor judgment to cede the state's clear authority over such matters to Washington, and certainly to the Obama Administration.

The Governor's rejection was not some flippant political gesture, it was the result of thoughtful, careful deliberation about what it meant to accept long-term federal strings in exchange for a short-term infusion of federal dollars.
Click here to explore some of the supporting documents, videos, and op-eds from March.
Click here to read Four Facts About Unemployment Insurance, also posted in March.

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