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Stop Government Bailouts - sign Governor Perry's online petition today

Governor Perry has sponsored a new website,, and he is urging all fiscally-responsible Americans to sign the online petition against bailouts:

Washington needs to know that this increasingly pervasive embrace of bailouts must be stopped before it drowns us in debt and destroys our national tradition of self-reliance. Sign this petition and add your voice to a growing chorus of Americans who are fed up with Washington and sending a simple message: “STOP!”

Visit and help Governor Perry send the message to Washington politicians that We The People are tired of the multi-trillion dollar bailout parade.

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Governor Perry: against bailouts before being against bailouts was cool.

Bailout recipients spent a staggering $114.2 million on lobbying last year, receiving from TARP funds an even more mind-blowing 267,208 percent return on their dollars, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. Yes, that's more than two hundred sixty-seven thousand percent.

It's no wonder, then, that the latest Rasmussen poll indicates that more than half of Americans now believe the new pork-laden bailout of '09 (a.k.a. "stimulus package," in mainstream media parlance) will actually do more harm than good; meanwhile, support for the New Bailout has fallen from 11% net positive (45-34) to 6% net negative (37-43) in just the past couple of weeks.

In February of 2009, it's finally "cool" to oppose the bailout, so it seems. Months ago, though, Governor Perry spoke out strongly against the emerging "bailout mentality" before being against bailouts was cool.

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Governor Sarah Palin endorses Governor Rick Perry

One of the best Governors in America-- Sarah Palin of Alaska-- has officially endorsed another of America's best Governors-- Rick Perry-- in Texas' 2010 primary race.

The news underscores the appeal Governor Perry has among both social and fiscal conservatives in the GOP. Sarah Palin is a true rock star of the Republican Party and has earned high praise for her fiscal discipline and her commitment to transparency and government reform.

Wayne Slater of the Dallas Morning News broke the news:

AUSTIN – Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has endorsed Rick Perry for re-election, calling him the "true conservative" in a primary election showdown with fellow Republican Kay Bailey Hutchison.

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Other states following Texas' lead.

The headline in The Wall Street Journal this morning declares "More States Considering Tax Breaks to Woo Jobs" and highlights the success that Governor Perry has had here in Texas, including the recent Caterpillar groundbreaking in Seguin:

Texas Gov. Rick Perry, a Republican, hailed the Caterpillar deal as he called for broader initiatives -- cutting business taxes and replenishing incentive funds to promote job creation with $520 million over the next two years. Texas doesn't levy an income tax and prides itself on fostering a business-friendly environment. The state is in better financial shape than many others, and Mr. Perry isn't asking for the same deep cuts in services as some other governors.

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Listen to Governor Perry's speech at the Texas Rally for Life.

Our office has been flooded with requests for copies of the Governor's speech to the Texas Rally for Life on January 24. It was a rousing address to an audience of thousands of pro-life Texans. The event, coupled with everything that is currently happening in Washington, DC, seems to have energized a lot of people in the Texas pro-life movement.

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Texas Conservative Coalition Honors Governor Perry.

On Wednesday night in Austin, the Texas Conservative Coalition honored Governor Perry with a black tie and boots gala and several hundred attendees. The evening was geared toward celebrating the Governor's record of success and vision for the future.

Below is the tribute video shown Wednesday evening:

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High Praise for Governor Perry's State of the State Address.

The reviews are in, and the consensus is that Governor Perry hit a home run with his fifth State of the State address.

Peggy Venable of Americans For Prosperity gave the speech high marks:

"While the federal government is mortgaging our children’s future, local governments are growing four times faster than Texans’ paychecks, and most states are facing staggering budget deficits, Texas is a beacon of fiscal responsibility.

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The State of the State.

Today, Governor Perry delivered his State of the State address. So far, the reception from think-tanks, grassroots leaders, and community groups has been fantastic.

The Texas Public Policy Foundation applauded Governor Perry for his fiscal responsibility, while the Texas Medical Association applauded the Governor for his "vision and leadership."

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Texas Rally for Life.

Confronted with a strong North wind and dipping temperatures, a robust crowd of thousands turned out for Saturday's Texas Rally for Life.

Governor Perry addressed the pro-life crowd and was at times solemn, at times impassioned.

In light of President Obama's executive order rescinding America's "Mexico City" policy, the Governor somberly noted that abortion has been added to our list of foreign exports.

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Texans for Fiscal Responsibility & Governor Rick Perry.

This week, Governor Perry sat down with Michael Quinn Sullivan of Texans for Fiscal Responsibility to discuss his opposition to bailouts, his commitment to a responsible state budget, and his take on issues facing the Texas legislature this year. You can watch the interview on YouTube.

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