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Texas & Kelo: we need Constitutional protection.

If you have an interest in private property rights, you're probably already familiar with the 2005 Kelo v. New London Supreme Court case.

The Kelo case gave local governments the green light to use their eminent domain powers to take private property and transfer it to other private entities, a stark departure from the commonly understood purpose of eminent domain-- namely, vital public interests.

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Caterpillar groundbreaking: a sign of the times.

In 1835, after a political rival defeated Davy Crockett in his campaign for Congress, Crockett famously remarked to his fellow Tennesseans that they may all go to... well, you know where... and that he was going to Texas.

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A proxy fight for the future of the GOP.

Now that the dust has settled from the 2008 election, the pundits are turning their attention to 2010. Texas Monthly's Paul Burka weighs in on the choice that GOP primary voters may have next year in the Governor's race:

...Is the party too conservative or not conservative enough? The Perry-Hutchison smackdown brings this question to the forefront; it is a proxy fight for the future of the GOP.

Two members of the same party could hardly have more divergent views....

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