Help Us Turn the Tide in Washington and Stop These Irresponsible Bailouts

Yesterday President Obama signed a spending bill drafted by Congress full of pork and special interest handouts totaling nearly $800 billion. The Democrats think this bill will change our country's financial fortunes, but you and I know better. This latest bailout brings our federal government's commitments to more than $9.7 trillion, which according to Bloomberg is enough money to pay the home mortgages of more than 90% of Americans.

In an op-ed in this morning's Washington Times, I elaborate on how the unparalleled growth in government we see today belies an unspoken belief that Americans are not smart enough to govern their own lives, strong enough to take some risk, or compassionate enough to help their neighbors in need. At the core of conservativism, on the other hand, is belief in the individual.

This is a message I've been articulating for quite some time now. Last year, in a Wall Street Journal op-ed I co-authored with South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford, we made the case that this "bailout mentality" is destroying the American ideal of personal responsibility. This administration is saddling future generations with an increasingly unbearable debt, and we are already hearing that more bailouts are just around the corner.

To send Washington a message, please visit today and sign our petition. Join our fight and add your voice to a growing list of several thousand Americans who are fed up with this irresponsible spending that threatens our future. Once you've signed the petition, use the tools on the site to tell your friends about our cause. The more people we can get to join our chorus, the greater our chance of making a difference.

Rick Perry


The DNC Outmaneuvered US

The DNC outmaneuvered the RNC.. They spent lots of money to get democratic Sec of States elected. In turn these Sec Of States, I believe helped turn the election with the help of ACORN.
OHIO for example. The RNC needs to get on board with new tecnology (You Tube, Facebook, Twitter, ) . Plus , we need to defeat ACORN. ACORN submitted so many false or duplicate registration forms , it overwhelmed the local election boards with useless and false registrations. And even if 1 or 2 percent got counted it could turn the election.

Wake Up America

Why I will vote for Rick Perry

Much thought and soul searching went in to the decision to support Mr. Perry. Never will we forget that fearful day of 9-11. Never were we more sure that we had made the right choice electing George W. Bush. Pride was felt by all the day Mr. Bush stood with his arm around the Fireman and promised us that they would hear from all us very soon.
I fear that days of uncertainty are coming our way again. Hope and change has turned into doom and gloom. The Democrats say to put skin in the game. Maybe you and the GOP can give us promise and change, a change back to the days of a promising future for all Texans that want to work for what they have, not a handout of pork from DC.Let us join not to just put skin in the game but our hides on the line.You have held true to GOP ways of keeping our budget in line and now we will have to bail out many blue states that spent like drunken sailors.
For you ladies, this is not a man thing. If Sarah Palin moved to Texas , I'm very sorry to say, Mr. Perry you would be under the bus faster than a Chicago politician can throw a preacher!

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