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Texas Task Force on Infectious Disease Makes Initial Recommendations


10/17/2014 - TEXAS STATE CAPITOL - Gov. Rick Perry today announced the first recommendations issued by the Texas Task Force on Infectious Disease Preparedness and Response. Gov. Perry created the task force, headed by Dr. Brett P. Giroir, earlier this month to assess the state's readiness and ability to respond to Ebola and other infectious diseases. 

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First person to come out of quarantine after direct contact with Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan

Dallas Morning News
By Tasha Tsiaperas
One of the first 48 people who came in contact with the country’s first Ebola patient has been cleared, Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings said Friday.

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Rick Perry back in Texas from Europe to take center stage handling state's Ebola crisis

New York Daily News
Leslie Larson
Rick Perry is back Texas on Friday, cutting short his European tour to face fears over two Dallas nurses diagnosed with Ebola.

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Rick Perry: ‘Unacceptable’ mistakes on Ebola

Katie Glueck
AUSTIN, Texas — Gov. Rick Perry on Friday said that “unacceptable” — if “understandable” — mistakes have been made in the U.S. handling of Ebola, three cases of which have popped up in Texas.

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In Ebola Fight, Perry Pushes West Africa Travel Ban

The Texas Tribune
Edgar Walters
Gov. Rick Perry said Friday that to help combat the spread of the Ebola virus, he has asked President Obama to ban air travel from West African countries fighting Ebola outbreaks, with exceptions allowed for aid workers.

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