Petition: Secure the Border

If you are like Gov. Rick Perry, and you agree the federal government must take responsibility and secure our border, sign this petition.

Statement by Gov. Perry on Second Dallas Hospital Worker Diagnosed with Ebola

Gov. Rick Perry today released the following statement in response to a second Dallas health care provider being diagnosed with the Ebola Virus.

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Republican Jewish Coalition praises Gov. Perry

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Rick Perry in London: 'You always sound so darn smart'

Justin Peligri
(CNN) -- In London on Tuesday, Texas Gov. Rick Perry called for more Western involvement in Syria to fight ISIS, and praised the U.S.'s British allies for everything from their love of defending freedom to the boy band One Direction.

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Rick Perry speaks in London

Washington Post
Jennifer Rubin
Texas Gov. Rick Perry is in England, Germany, Poland and Ukraine this week, ostensibly for an economic development mission. However, with major speeches Tuesday at the Royal United Services Institute in London and Thursday at University of Warsaw and visits with world leaders, he plainly is out to demonstrate he has the gravitas to operate on the world stage. If his speech today is any indication, things are looking bright for his presidential resume.

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In Britain, Perry Works on His Foreign Policy Bona Fides

New York Times
David S. Joachim
Gov. Rick Perry of Texas delivered a muscular foreign policy speech in London on Tuesday in which he defended Western military action against the Islamic State and seemed to distance himself further from the isolationist streak of his potential rivals for the Republican presidential nomination, including Senators Rand Paul of Kentucky and his fellow Texan Ted Cruz.

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