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Medtronic to Build New Diabetes Facility in Texas

May 11, 2009
Medtronic Inc. announced today that the company has chosen San Antonio, TX, as the home of its new Diabetes Therapy Management and Education Center. Medtronic is expected to hire nearly 1400 people during a five‐year period to staff the new 150,000‐sq‐ft facility. .... Texas Governor Rick Perry said that by expanding their diabetes division in San Antonio, Medtronic is “sending a clear message that the core strength of Texas economy, built on our low taxes, fair legal system and predictable regulatory climate make the Lone Star State the best place to live, work and raise a family.” Based on analyses made by the San Antonio Economic Development Foundation, when fully staffed, the new operation is expected to generate more than $750 million in economic benefit for San Antonio and Texas each year.

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Texas Weathers Recession with Continued Free Market Solutions

May 6, 2009
Laura Elizabeth Morales
Everything is bigger in Texas, except for our government, and frankly that's the way Texans like it. Every two years the Texas Legislature convenes for 140 days, but many Texans would say that the Texas Legislature should instead convene every 140 years for just two days. Texas has a conservative approach to business, which has earned the state a variety of accolades and achievements throughout the years. Ultimately, it is sound fiscal policies and a strong belief in the free market system that have helped the state fare better than most in the nation's current recession, a model the federal government should learn from. .... Texas has seen success in light of hard economic times because of its free market solutions. The state encourages free market competition and solutions. Texas is a leader in energy creation, in oil and gas, and even wind. The largest wind farm is just outside of Abilene, Texas and is home to 421 turbines. “Texas has long been known as the nation's largest energy producer, but we are equally proud of our distinction as the nation's leading energy innovator,” said Texas Governor Rick Perry.

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Governor Perry Headlines UNCF Fundraiser

Governor Perry took a little time away from the legislative session in Austin last Thursday to raise about $100,000 for the United Negro College Fund in Houston. Check out this video of Governor Perry from the event:

The Houston Chronicle adds:

Perry has headlined luncheons across the state, raising a total of $600,000 for the scholarship fund, UNCF spokeswoman Zarinah Poole said.

Click here to see a few dozen photos from the UNCF event on the Governor's Flickr feed.

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Clay Walker & Governor Perry at National Day of Prayer Breakfast

Country music Grammy Award winner Clay Walker has sixteen top 10 singles, eleven #1 songs, two gold albums, and four platinum albums. He is also a genuine humanitarian and a man of faith. This morning Clay joined Governor Rick Perry, Texas Quarterback Colt McCoy, and Dr. Gary Bauer at the National Day of Prayer Breakfast in Austin.

Please take a moment to watch this YouTube clip of Clay Walker speaking about Governor Perry:

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Texas Today: Economic Development Strategies and Business Success Stories

April/May 2009
Area Development
Mali R. Schantz-Feld
While business has waned somewhat in 2009, the state of Texas refuses to simmer over it. “Texas has always depended on a combination of being fiscally responsible, continually working on a business climate that is favorable for investment and the diversification of our economy,” says Demerson. “These things plus the leadership of Governor Perry and our legislative body, have contributed to Texas being recognized by many as having the best business climate in the United States to run a business.”

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