Gov. Perry Orders Tax Cuts for Texas Businesses

March 10, 2008

AUSTIN – Gov. Rick Perry today announced that an estimated 370,000 Texas businesses will be getting a tax cut of $90 million, thanks to the state’s strong economy and low unemployment.

"I believe in truth-in-budgeting: when government levies a tax and collects more money than is needed, we must either stop collecting the tax, return the money or both," said Gov. Perry. "Thanks to our healthy economy and low unemployment rate last year, the state collected more money for the unemployment trust fund than we need, which is why I’m directing the state to bring that tax to a screeching halt for this year."

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Gov. Perry Awards $689,000 to Statewide Child I.D. Program

March 7, 2008

AUSTIN - Gov. Rick Perry today awarded more than $689,000 to the Sheriff’s Association of Texas for the distribution of Child Identification Kits to all incoming kindergarten students in Texas public schools. These I.D. kits will allow parents and guardians to record their children’s physical characteristics and fingerprints on identification cards that can be filed at home and quickly given to authorities in the event their child goes missing. This grant is awarded under the federal Safe and Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act and distributed by the Governor’s Criminal Justice Division.

"Texans must take every precaution, even prepare for worst-case scenarios, to keep our children safe," said Gov. Perry. "Whether a child is lost or abducted, these Child I.D. cards will save valuable time in the search and rescue process, and help reunite families whose situation could have been much worse without the cards."

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Perry, citing strong economy, orders tax cut for businesses

March 10, 2008

Houston Chronicle

The Associated Press

Gov. Rick Perry said Monday he was ordering tax cuts to about 370,000 Texas businesses because of the state's strong economy and low unemployment.

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Scouts Honor

February 29, 2008

Washington Times

Matthew Cawvey

Texas Gov. Rick Perry is determined not to let the Boy Scouts of America become the latest casualty of what he calls the ongoing cultural battle between traditional American values and the secular left.

In his new book, "On My Honor: Why the American Values of the Boy Scouts Are Worth Fighting For," Mr. Perry outlines the legal challenges over the Boy Scouts' refusal to abandon positions on gays and religion. He said the organization should not succumb to pressure to change.

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March 3, 2008

Wall Street Journal

Editorial Board

As Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton race around Ohio and Texas for tomorrow's primaries, they are telling a tale of economic woe. Yet the real story isn't how similar the two states are economically but how different. Texas has been prospering while Ohio lags, and the reasons are instructive about what works and what doesn't in economic policy.

There's no doubt times are tough in Ohio. The state has lost 200,000 manufacturing jobs since 2000, home foreclosures are soaring, and real family income is lower now than in 2000. Meanwhile, the Texas economy has boomed since 2004, with nearly twice the rate of new job creation as the rest of the nation. The nearby table compares the states over a decade or so.

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