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Texas "leads by a mile"

Meredith Whitney warned of disaster for America's big banks before the credit crisis struck, and she is now warning about the looming threat of state fiscal crises.

Examining America's fifteen largest states, she rated the financial health of state governments using four criteria: their economy, fiscal health, housing, and taxes.

Watch Meredith Whitney describe the Texas success story in her own words:

Texas is one of only two states to even receive a positive rating, and-- no surprise-- Texas ranks number one overall:

The full rankings:

Worst states

1. California

2. New Jersey, Illinois, Ohio (tie)

3. Michigan

4. Georgia

5. New York

6. Florida

Best states

1. Texas

2. Virginia

3. Washington

4. North Carolina

As Whitney put it, Texas leads "by a mile."

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Gov. Perry Announces TEF Investment Bringing 350 Jobs to Irving

September 22, 2010
Office of the Governor
"It’s a great day to be in Irving as we share news that is great for the local economy and reflective of our state’s overall economic health. I’m here to announce a Texas Enterprise Fund investment of $1.6 million in Healthcare Management Systems that will lead to the creation of 350 new jobs building on the 671 jobs they already have here in Texas. Now Healthcare Management Systems, or HMS, was doing what many businesses have been doing in these tight economic times and seeking ways to do business in a more cost-effective fashion. They looked at the situation in New York City, where their company was headquartered and realized that Texas offered them what they needed to maintain their strong position in their industry. As a result of their analysis, and a collaborative effort to draw them to Texas, they are consolidating operations from multiple locations and expanding their presence in Texas."

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In Case You Missed It…Who Will Lead The Recovery? Start With Texas

September 13, 2010
Office of the Governor
In ‘The Next Economy,’ a special joint effort by the National Journal and the Atlantic, Texas earned special praise for its economic strength. Who Will Lead The Recovery? Start With Texas Sept. 11, 2010 By Josh Freedman "...when it comes to predicting what place will lead the country to a solid economic recovery, forecasters are all on the same page: Nobody's messing with Texas. Although the economy has slowed in recent months, the prospects for a robust recovery are still looking up for the Lone Star State. Texas gained 14,000 jobs in June even as employment fell in 27 other states, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That brought Texas's total for the first half of 2010 to 178,700 -- more than twice that of any other state.

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First TV Spot of Fall Campaign-- Texas: Open for Business

Our campaign launched a new television spot today called “Open for Business.”

The spot highlights the economic success Texas is experiencing because of the leadership and pro-growth policies put into place by Governor Rick Perry.

The keys to success? Don't spend all the money. Keep taxes low. Keep regulations fair and predictable. Tort reform to prevent frivolous and junk lawsuits. Fund an accountable education system. Then get out of the way and let entrepreneurs and the private sector do what the private sector does best-- create jobs. Since 2005, Texas has created far more private-sector jobs than all over states combined.

As the Governor continues traveling the state, bringing his positive message directly to Texans, the momentum and excitement of our campaign continues to get stronger every day.

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Fed survey shows slowdown across U.S., continued growth in Texas

September 9, 2010
Austin American Statesman
U.S. ECONOMY Nationwide recovery lost steam in late summer, Fed survey says The economy lost strength in late summer as factory production weakened in areas of the East Coast and Midwest, the Federal Reserve reported Wednesday. The central bank's "Beige Book" survey found the slower growth spreading to more regions of the country. Of the 12 regions the Fed tracks, economic activity slowed or was mixed in five — New York, Philadelphia, Richmond, Va., Atlanta and Chicago. Activity elsewhere was described as modest or pointed to positive developments. In the Fed's previous survey in late July, only two regions had reported slower growth. Texas economy still growing, survey by Dallas Fed reports The economy in Texas and parts of two neighboring states "expanded modestly over the past six weeks," according to a report from the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.

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Gov. Perry: Tapco International Breaks Ground on New Manufacturing Facility

September 2, 2010
Office of the Governor
<i>New TEF Investment Bringing 100 New Jobs to Baytown</i> Gov. Rick Perry today, at a press conference announcing a $675,000 Texas Enterprise Fund (TEF) investment in Tapco International, Inc., credited Texas’ low taxes, reasonable and predictable regulatory climate, educated workforce and investments through the TEF with helping attract jobs and businesses to the state. The company is creating a new manufacturing facility in Baytown, which will create 100 jobs and generate an estimated $26 million in capital investment. “Today, we break ground on a facility, part of TapcoEnpro’s capital investment in Baytown and Chambers County, that will soon be filled with workers producing equipment for our state’s vibrant energy sector,” said Gov. Perry. “Thanks to investments like the Texas Enterprise Fund, this new manufacturing facility will help enhance TapcoEnpro’s already strong reputation as producers of quality technology.” “We are pleased that TapcoEnpro has chosen to build their new facility in Baytown, creating good jobs for Texans in this area,” said Roberto De Hoyos, director of the Texas Enterprise Fund. “The Texas Enterprise Fund continues to attract great companies like this one to our state, and in turn, Texas continues to reap the benefits from their commitment to job creation which enriches the local and state economies.”

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Governor pitches school savings incentive in Lubbock

August 31, 2010
Fox 34 News, Lubbock
Nicole Garza
In the midst of the political season, one of the issues most discussed nationwide is education. In the Lone Star State, Governor Rick Perry is drawing support for a new school savings incentive program. "Sometimes there are functions that you find a better way to do them, and that's a better way to do them and save money so that those dollars can instead go into the classroom," Perry said. Participating districts would receive a grant equaling ten percent of the total money they cut from their budget. Superintendent Karen Garza says there's no doubt, L.I.S.D. can always afford to save a little money, especially if they can earn some of it back. "There are tight times everywhere and I think people are trying to look creatively at at how we can save money, and this is definitely something that we can look at."

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Job creation: Continuing the Texas success story

Under Gov. Perry's leadership, Texas has outpaced every other state by leaps and bounds in job creation this year and over the past decade. No other state can boast more Fortune 500 company headquarters than Texas with its low-tax, low-regulation, business-friendly economic climate. Texas is consistently applauded as a model for good government and good fiscal policy, even in the wake of a national recession.

Last week, Gov. Perry was proud to announce the creation of about 300 new jobs in the San Antonio area by a Fortune 500 giant. BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company) noted Texas' skilled workforce and stalwart academic institutions as a few reasons it relocated to Texas.

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Bill White for Taxes

Bill White this week signaled his preference for higher taxes and more debt:

Governor Perry, by contrast, has signed the Americans for Tax Reform "Taxpayer Protection Pledge," and rejects raising taxes:

"Bill White’s call for tax increases is the last thing working families of Texas need in these challenging economic times.

“Transportation, border security and education are just some of the issues that will be a priority in the next state budget. However, just as families have to prioritize spending to make ends meet, so too must their government.

“The people of Texas expect their elected officials to reduce spending and practice fiscal responsibility, not raise taxes in search of additional revenues. I will continue to work with the legislature to identify ways to cut taxes so families can keep more of their hard-earned dollars and keep the Texas economy the envy of the nation.”

There is a clear choice in this race. Choose Governor Perry, not tax hikes.

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12 Weeks.

Just twelve weeks remain until November 2. In another dynamite web video from the Republican Governors Association, Governor Perry and his fellow state leaders from around the country make the case for fiscally conservative governance:

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Visit to learn more about how you can get involved!

Remember November.

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