Texas Pro-Life Group Backs Rick Perry, Planned Parenthood Supports Bill White

May 27, 2010
Steven Ertelt

Austin, TX (LifeNews.com) -- The gubernatorial campaign in Texas is shaping up to be a fierce battle between pro-life Governor Rick Perry and former Houston mayor Bill White, who is a strong abortion supporter. Perry has secured the support of a statewide pro-life group while the Planned Parenthood abortion business is in White's corner.

Planned Parenthood of Houston and Southeast Texas endorsed White, saying he "has demonstrated a strong commitment" to abortion.

The organization runs the largest chain of abortion facilities in Texas, including their recently opened 78,000-square-foot, six-story "megafacility" in Houston.

But Governor Perry has been endorsed by the Texas Alliance for Life PAC, which says he "has passionately supported laws protecting unborn babies and their mothers."

Joe Pojman, executive director of Texas Alliance for Life, told LifeNews.com, "Voters need to know that Bill White would bring Planned Parenthood with him into the Texas Capitol if he were elected governor in November."

"Texas needs a leader who is unrelentingly pro-life," Pojman said. "Unlike his opponent, Governor Perry has never given an inch to the life-threatening precepts of Roe v. Wade, whether verbally or by his actions as an elected official."

Perry supported the Woman's Right to Know Act (2003), the Prenatal Protection Act (2003), the parental consent law (2005), and funding for alternatives to abortions (2005, 2007, 2009).

In addition, Gov. Perry has also strongly endorsed public funding for adult stem cell research. He has opposed embryonic stem cell research, which has developed no treatments or cures and requires the destruction of human embryos.

Adult stem cells have been used to successfully treat more than 20,000 Americans and more than 70 different conditions or diseases.

In April, Perry joined former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin to raise money for an organization that places pro-life commercials on television.

Perry joined in on exposing Obama's pro-abortion record and focused on him overturning the Mexico City Policy and forcing Americans to pay for funding groups that promote and perform abortions overseas.

“America is in the business of exporting abortion. I'm not happy about that,” Perry said and, saying of unborn children, “Too bad we can't protect them from the federal government."

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