Expanding Opportunity For All

If we want to live up to that timeless American commitment – to expand opportunity for all who come after us – we need to do big things.

Economic Growth

We need to grow the economy, so that every American can find work, and that those who already have work can earn more.

Lower Taxes

We need to make life more affordable, by helping Americans keep more of what they earn, and by lowering the cost of everyday expenses.

Retire The Debt

We need to retire the federal debt, in order to protect the safety net for the most vulnerable, and to ensure that our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren can enjoy the prosperity, security, and freedom that we have promised them.

National Security

We need to make America safer and stronger by rebuilding our military, and working with our allies to promote peace, prosperity, and tolerance around the world. The federal government also needs to do its constitutional duty and secure the border once and for all.

Stop Special Interests & Big Government

We need to end the culture of cronyism and bailouts, a culture that caters to politically- connected people and politically-connected businesses at the expense of small enterprises and average Americans.

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Statement by Gov. Perry on the Anniversary of 9/11

Statement by Gov. Perry on the Anniversary of 9/11 AUSTIN – Today Governor Rick Perry released the following statement on the anniversary of 9/11: Fourteen years ago, our nation watched in shock as an unthinkable attack took the lives of thousands of innocent souls. And on that day,… read more »

—  Press Releases | September 11th, 2015

How Rick Perry befriended the real ‘Lone Survivor’ Navy SEAL

“Before he became immortalized as the ‘Lone Survivor,’ a Navy SEAL who escaped a 2005 Taliban ambush on a mountain slope in Afghanistan, Marcus Luttrell was a broken man in search of a haven. He found it one day in the spring of 2007 when, struggling to recover his body and mind and with the horrors of war still raw, he showed up unannounced at the Texas governor’s mansion and asked to see Rick Perry.”

—  In The News | April 30th, 2015 | Washington Post / Philip Rucker

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