No governor in the country has more first-hand experience with the federal government’s long-time failure to secure the border than Gov. Perry. Whether it’s drug, human and weapons trafficking or an influx of unaccompanied minors, the challenges associated with securing the border are complex, and addressing them requires a multifaceted approach. When Washington failed to act, Gov. Perry stepped in, surging state law enforcement and deploying the TX National Guard to the region, which led to a 74% reduction in apprehensions in the area of operations.

  • In the last five years of his tenure alone, Texas appropriated nearly $800 million for border security operations to fill in the gaps left by the federal government.
  • In addition to last year’s surge operation, Gov. Perry has overseen multiple law enforcement surge operations going back to 2005, as well as the creation of Texas Ranger Reconnaissance Teams.
  • Gov. Perry spearheaded measures to address some of the consequences of an unsecured border, including requiring state agencies and contractors to use e-Verify, strengthening anti-gang initiatives in the border region, and increasing penalties for human traffickers.


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